Riding a Snow Cat Into Work …

Today, I had to ride a snow cat into work.

A snowcat took me to my scheduled couch surgeon location.

This generally will require some detailed scheduling, traveling, and seaonal preparations. It’s always interesting to get calls for a rustic cabin location, a yaught harbor, or high rise building that I need to travel to or have never seen before.

This trip went through the mountains on highway i80 towards Reno. You can see stunning views of sky, mountains, trees, meadows, rivers, and lakes! While the work can be hard, the drives make up for it, especially when you’re going East as there isn’t as much traffic in the mornings like when you travel West.

I will generally be going off of photos and media that customers have sent me from their device. I will sometimes get a photo of a couch, a screen shot of a section sofa, a short video clip of the entryway, or a text description with dimensions. So, while I’m enjoying some scenery on the road, I’m also thinking about the job and the images in my mind about what I need to do. Do I have all the supplies I need, do I need to stop for anything supplies or tools to help me do a better job, can I get something to add more protection, will there be any hazards, will I be safe?

But in the end, I’m always well prepared. My couch disassembly jobs mostly go pretty smoothly. Sometimes, I’ll be a little worried if I don’t have enough information, but after I get there and start working my over 7 years of furniture disassembly experience will kick in.

Every sofa and couch is different and I learn a little more with each manufacturer and entryway.

Occasionally, if the customer permits, I’ll try to move the couch and see if I can fit it in without disassembly. I’ve amazed a few clients with my ability to tetris and angle the furniture inside the room without disassembly, saving you a little money and time.

However, this time that wasn’t the case. After a few measurements, I can pretty well discover what will work and what won’t. If the couch is extremely deep or long, that will lessen your chances of entry without disassembly. If your hallway is unusually narrow or thin, if your stairway has low ceilings, this will also lessen your chances of entry without partial or full couch disassembly.

You can see just a few of the couch surgeon couches and sofas that I’ve helped with in San Francisco and beyond. Click here to view my sofa disassembly page. My customers have also been excited and happy enough to leave many customer reviews on my furniture service on Yelp and Google.

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